Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Affected Your Credit Score

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Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Affected Your Credit Score

Generally we think that our credit score is only affected by credit cards and loan, but in fact there are certain applications or late payments that can hurt your credit score.

Lets take a look at surprising things you didn’t know affected your credit score.

Overdue Library Books


There are many libraries that are now employing collection agencies to aid them in collecting overdue library book fines. Libraries might not report to credit bureaus, but debt collectors do and collection accounts hurt your credit score the most.

Requesting a Credit Limit Increase

There are some credit card issuers that will do a hard pull or enquiry when you request a credit limit increase. When you make this request they will check your credit history. Any enquiry will count 10% of your credit score and new enquiries can drop your score.

Unpaid Medical Bills

Unpaid medical bills are sent to collection agencies and this will show on your credit report.

Closing a Credit Card

When you close a credit card especially one that has a balance on your credit utilization goes up and this could affect your credit score.

Renting a Car Without a Credit Card

A car rental company will ask for documentation, a security deposit and could even run a credit check. The credit check is what will affect your credit score.

Unpaid Parking Tickets

Unpaid parking tickets could be sent to a collection agency and show up on your credit report. This blemish is not erased when you pay a collection, but it is updated to say you have paid.

Applying for Credit Cards

If you put in multiple credit applications your credit report will show multiple credit enquiries and this can drop your credit score.

Getting a New Cell Phone Contract

Your cell phone payments that you make each month will not affect your credit score, but applying for a new cell phone contract plan can hurt your credit if a credit check needs to be done to approve your application.

Not Using Credit Cards

You cant avoid ruining your credit score by avoiding credit cards altogether. There is a part of your credit score that is based on the types of credit you have and without credit cards you lose points.